Saturday, March 15, 2014

On Wednesday I saw an old man pushing a cleaning trolley just outside Raffles City. He seemed to be struggling and paused often. As he proceeded the pauses became more frequent, sometimes as often as every four or five steps. The floor was slightly sloped which might have been the reason for his struggle. I followed him for a bit. Thought of helping him, then decided to proceed with my life as usual. Comforted myself with the thought that I am not a horrible person, because everyone else was doing the same. I knew, even as I turned away, that it was a horrible thought.

10 March, Monday: Went for a drink and got buzzed to just the right amount, and was still able to wake up on time the next day! Also did a bit of nighttime reading before going to bed, a habit I'm trying to cultivate instead of just staring at my laptop/phone.
11 March, Tuesday: I love how M tells me some things that I think he is rather uncomfortable telling other people about. And though I doubt anything will happen, I know I will miss our Tuesday classes when the semester ends.
12 March, Wednesday: Funny video calls.
13 March, Thursday: Had a good afternoon with last semester's classmates. Received an unconditional offer from UCL. Excited about it but not sure if I will take it up just yet, we shall see.
14 March, Friday: Exhausting day. Glad I made it through. Watched the rest of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Also, I really like/appreciate it when guys offer to carry things for you, especially when I truly do need the help.

On a side note, the days have been flying past and my second semester is ending in less than a month now, or only 2-3 weeks if you consider revision week. If I do indeed leave for UK, I will miss the time spent this semester.

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