Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So the preliminary examinations are over, and I can expect to receive the results within the next week or so. After doing the papers I have a vague idea of how I fared, so I don't have any great expectations. Just hope that I'll be able to pass all my subjects and hopefully improve on at least a few of them! I do feel a tinge of sadness that I won't be able to apply for any half-decent overseas university, but what's over is already done. Celebrated the post-examinations period by going out with a few classmates yesterday. We did spend a heck lot of time walking around aimlessly and taking a few wrong turns, but it was enjoyable all the same.

It's just four days after my last paper but I'm slowly going back to work, I certainly do not want to be unprepared for the actual examination, as I always find myself to be.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Great Expectations

I've just had a lazy afternoon which involved me lying on my bed, alternating between reading David Copperfield and snoozing.

Also in the picture above is a necklace that my mum got for me today.

I'm really excited for the Great Expectations film adaptation coming up later this year! Looking forward to seeing Helena Bonham Carter as well as Jeremy Irvine in something other than War Horse, though I suppose it will feel rather odd given the amount of tears that I've shed for his character in War Horse. Also the child actors seem adorable from the trailer!

I've never really gotten round to reading the book in its entirety though, and hope to obtain a copy of it to read before I watch the movie.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Just came back from an hour-long walk with the dog and family. Night time walks are the best during humid August, with the cool wind blowing about...

The past week has been an almost day-to-day existence. For a while I haven't been thinking about revising for A-level exams but wistfully dreaming of studying English (or Liberal Arts or almost anything else for that matter) at UCL (University College London) and roaming the streets of central London, practically drowning in the rich historical and literary landmarks all around me. From Shakespeare and Charles Dickens to Harry Potter to Sherlock the BBC adaptation! I just wish I could be some kind of sponge that can soak up all those experiences and emotions. I'd need to live there, study there, work there for a while to understand; just going there as a tourist would only allow me to skim the surface rather than delve into the living, breathing creation that is London, with its alleyways and monuments and...

But I digress. I need to get a grip on myself and put the upcoming week-long holidays to good use. I do feel that if I still had the chance to study in the UK I would be working a lot harder. Dreams don't make things happen, people do. I have neither the grades nor the financial means to secure my place at any halfway-decent university, but I'm now left with no choice but to press on and hope for a place at the local university.