Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I wish you'd let me know, even if it only lasts a while

Now that it's been decided that I am going after all,
it feels too much like leaving.
And I realise how badly I want and need you to tell me:

15th March, Saturday: Honestly, nothing much happened.
16th March, Sunday: Let my parents know about the news with UCL. They agreed.
17th March, Monday: Got my green tea McFlurry!
18th March, Tuesday: Two more Tuesdays left. I hope they will be better than this one was.
19th March, Wednesday: Slept in. Spent a cosy afternoon on the armchair swaddled in my thick blanket as I alternated between doing work and watching YouTube videos on air disasters. Somewhat like the old days in secondary school and junior college.

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