Monday, March 10, 2014

6th to 9th March

6th March: Finished my assignment, even though it probably definitely was a bad job.
7th March: Bummed around instead of studying. Glad I still know how to procrastinate despite the relentless positive peer pressure to study.
8th March: Thought I did pretty decently in the mid-term. It was probably the first mid-term where I actually knew what to write. Later took bus 103 all the way into Seletar. It's been the first time I've done that for a while because I was so afraid of the place changing terribly. Yes, it has changed. It is no longer as desolate and quiet as I remember it to be. Plan to take another trip and walk around on foot a bit to see if there are still areas that are calm and abandoned. Completed the series of House and watched Moonrise Kingdom.
9th March: The calming croaking of frogs outside my window has been going on for the past few hours since nightfall.

I'm going to put this out here only so that I will actually do it - Planning to take some shots and submit them to agencies. Hopefully I'll get a Plan B to what I'm currently studying.

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