Thursday, March 6, 2014

Golden point

I love writing. It makes me feel content. This is my medium, something I am comfortable with; something in which I can explore, yet still be safe. There is an indescribable satisfaction in churning out sentences of beautifully-crafted words. The best is when you read what you have written and feel a sense of pride welling up within you.

There is no shame in writing. No one will see what you have written until you are ready, and you need not ever show anyone what you have written if that is not your intention. If you are shy, writing is a way of expressing yourself, expressing and later remembering your feelings without exposing yourself to others. With writing, there are no awkward pauses, no stutters, no clumsily-phrased words and no blushing - unless you write them in. The nerve-wrecking tension of real human interaction is blissfully avoided in writing.

And of course, if you later find that you do not like what you have wrote, you can burn them, tear them, throw them away.

Or in this case, delete the post.

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