Sunday, August 10, 2014

Have been blogging markedly less. Started a new personal pen and paper journal some time back, and have been using that as a replacement. It feels a lot safer, I guess.

During my working days I did type some rather incoherent ramblings out, perhaps I will publish all those at one go someday.

Monday, June 2, 2014

While working the weeks seem to blur. No one is counting them unlike how we often counted semesters at school. The weekend provides a respite to work and the workweek provides a respite to boredom and anxiety from staying at home. I am only glad for one to start because it means the end of the other.

18th May, Wednesday: Possibly one of my most unfortunate starts to a day, ever. The factors played into this unfortunate series of events can only be described as incomprehensible. The good that came out of it was that my dad managed to get from his bed to his seat on the plane within three-quarters of an hour, and a very kind and comforting stranger lent me his umbrella that rainy morning.
26th May, Monday: Someone I knew struck the lottery using my phone number. (of course this is pure luck, but I still feel rather glad about it)
27th May, Tuesday: Ate dinner with a group of friends from college.
29th May, Thursday:
30th May, Friday:
31st May, Saturday: Met up with Sh and M for a day out, pretty glad I got to see Sh after a pretty long time.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Internet became boring last night. I got distracted easily, watching bits of movies while painting my nails and then getting impatient so I just turned off my laptop. Not sure why I found it so hard to be 100% engaged in any form of leisure activity.

20th April, Sunday
26th April, Saturday:
27th April, Sunday


4th May, Sunday: Ate dad's pizza for dinner! <3

Have been getting a bit worried about how moody I get during the weekend. I don't even know what to do with the Internet, so I lie in bed for a good portion of the day.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Once again, it's the same old. Lying on the bed, all dressed up but nowhere to go, no one to see. Sometimes I look through the photos on my camera and feel glad that at least, my family's stuck with me.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

You'll forget me by and by

Really enjoy having a regular job, keeping my head down and being one out of the horde of commuters and lunch-goers during rush hours in the city. It makes me feel nameless and alone, like I could disappear from my previous life, like I am finally my own person.

12 April, Saturday: Attended a really fancy wedding, sold a skateboard for a decent sum of money and then accidentally took the wrong train. It was a fun trip to Daiso though.
13th April, Sunday:
14th April, Monday: Dinner with a stranger. Kind of enjoyed having a companion in my solitude.
15th April, Tuesday:
16th April, Wednesday: Was very happy with my makeup that day. Seems like using a brush for eyeshadow really helps!
17th April, Thursday: Ate Subway (<33) for lunch! It was yummy as usual and made me really happy (and sleepy) for the rest of the day. Planning to eat it again next week! Also received parcels of items I had bought. And it probably sounds ridiculous, but someone called me pretty. (For reasons that elude me, I am an awfully superficial person when it comes to my own appearance)
18th April, Friday: Slept most of the day, which I guess is always good.
19th April, Saturday: Found out that there will be a booth selling imported cosmetics at cheaper prices near my workplace, plan to check it out on Monday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Finally, I seem to be earning some money

10 April, Thursday: Had a bit of a strange interview at a local firm that actually lasted about 5 hours. It was an interesting experience though, and it's lovely to know that so many people genuinely wish the best for those they meet. (or at least that's the impression they gave me...)
11 April, Friday: Uploaded a bunch of stuff on Carousell and managed to sell some stuff. Also, got a job! Remuneration and working conditions seem to be better than what I expected to get, but it's too soon to say that now. Fingers crossed though!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

6 April 2014, Sunday: Hmmm.......
7 April 2014, Monday: Woke up with one of the sweetest dreams I've ever had. It was such a precious non-memory that I wrote it down in my phone before leaving the bed. Also did a bit of a mass mailing.
8 April, 2014, Tuesday:
9 April 2014, Wednesday: First post on Lookbook. I don't think it was that great, but who cares! Also went shopping for the first time in ages and picked up some items in my favourite blue and white floral print.