Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Manchester or Leicester uni?

I've received another conditional offer from University of Manchester along with two rejections from Bristol and Nottingham. Since UCL is without a doubt going to reject me as well, I guess taking the LNAT was an absolute waste of money and time, which is a bummer.

Manchester's offer is AAB in three of four A-level subjects, which is probably easier to meet than Leicester's offer of ABB in three subjects since I'm quite sure I'll be getting at best a C for Economics.

It's early stages yet but I can't help but feel terribly excited and torn between these two lovely universities! I always assumed that Manchester was a better university than Leicester, but I'm not so sure now.

Main points affecting my decision:
1. Reputation - Since I'm an international student, I need the uni I attend to be at least ring a bell with future employers. Also, my parents place a huge emphasis on reputation and well, they're my cash cows for this whole shebang so I can't really go against them. Manchester definitely has a better reputation, though Leicester seems to be on its way up the league tables.

2. Student diversity - The last thing I want to do is travel close to halfway across the globe and end up making friends that are mostly from the same country/ethnicity as me. Which is why Leicester is looking rather attractive for having about 20 East Asian students in their Law course each year...

3. Social life - There seems to be conflicting opinions on the social life and general student satisfaction at Manchester, which worries me quite a bit. I do like that it's a larger city than Leicester though - more things to do and see, probably more convenient too.

4. Cost of living - Fees for both unis are the same. Manchester is slightly more expensive than Leicester, but I'm going to assume that there will be a larger variety in the former due to the difference in size.

5. Safety - Have heard that Manchester uni's student accommodation is in a particularly rough part of town, not too sure about that. Not so sure about Leicester but I'm assuming it's safer.

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