Saturday, February 9, 2013

coats coats coats

Just got my pay today. Woohoo! Now I'm agonising over whether or not to splurge on a coat. I saw these two at a shop yesterday and have since been experiencing great difficulty in getting them out of my mind...

Introducing coat #1...

I really like the (probably fake) fur lining and the length, and I think it's waterproof so that should be good?

And coat #2... 

I really have a thing for toggles. I guess the coats aren't really that extraordinary but they are just such classic styles! Now if only I could combine the two coats and have one with the length and fur lining of #1 and the toggles of #2.. Don't really give a hoot about whether the material is waterproof or not as long as it looks good and keeps me warm.

Of course, I don't even know it I'll be going overseas or not, seeing as I haven't gotten my A-level results yet (1 more month!!) but the coats are so lovely! Will probably drop by Lowrys Farm to check them out again within the next week or so.

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