Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I could really use a wish right now

As I wait for my hair to dry so that I can get to bed, maybe it's time to start listing down some resolutions for 2013 so that I have something to write one year later. Looking at my 2012 resolutions, I think I did reasonably well for 1 through 4. As for the last resolution on exercising... Well.

1. GET. A. JOB. I seriously need the money for university or other plans if I don't get to uni (really hoping this doesn't happen though)
2. Be more independent. I might be moving overseas for university education, so I better learn how to cook and take care of myself. Anyway, it's time I learn how to operate the kitchen stove...
3. Save $$$. Connected to #1. I plan to be more thrifty, at least to a reasonable extent. I'm already pretty thrifty, according to those around me (clearly not a good gauge)
4. Exercise. I'm sick of including this in my new year's resolutions every year.

Wishes for 2012:
GET INTO UNI PLEASE! Really keen on the University of Bristol even though  my chances are weak. I've already completed my application and even applied to UCL but I'm not expecting much from that because even I know my limits sometimes.
Good health for family and friends, particularly my dad. I'm sure my getting into uni will lessen his burden greatly.

I realise I didn't even wish for good A-level results, but then the getting into uni pretty much covers that. Also I need to complete my US uni college application but I have no idea how to do so and the deadline's really soon (i.e. less than 36 hours time). My dad's not keen on me letting my good SAT scores go to waste, particularly since my chances with the UK uni's look worryingly slim.

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