Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some things to do after A's

Some things that I absolutely must do after these pesky exams are over:

-Finish reading David Copperfield. I got to the part where his aunt loses her money, and then decided to cease all leisure reading activity because I felt that I should be studying. Unfortunately any time spent by not reading DC ended up on things such as sleeping, internet, staring into blank space, etc.
-Earn money. Really want to save up in case I go overseas for university. Anyway I don't want to depend on my parents too much seeing as I'm turning 18 soon... Who am I kidding, I just want to be able to buy more rubbish.
-Clean out my room. To make space for aforementioned rubbish, and because my room pretty much resembles some kind of homework, textbook and binder file junkyard at the moment.
-Learn Japanese
-Watch Orthros no Inu because Nishikido Ryo is in it and it looks pretty interesting. This can also count as learning Japanese I guess.

I wanted to add exercising to this list too, but that won't happen so soon for sure.

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