Sunday, August 26, 2012

one day

Sometimes I wonder if one day I'll be giving some sort of interview and say something like this-
"You know what, I never thought I'd be anything much at all. I was just a kid who never seemed to try hard enough or be good enough in anything. I liked reading, I liked some TV shows, some bands, but never really dared to show my passion to the world. I saw others around me, on TV, in books, and I wanted to be like them. I made dreams, fantasies, of the sort of person I wanted to be. I got decent grades, but never any really good ones, and I constantly feared that I would be resigned to a life of drudgery and mediocrity. Until I was 18, I never felt like I would go anywhere in life. I've dreamed of the things that I've accomplished, but never expected them to really happen. It just goes to show that you can never tell, and your wildest dreams might just come true."
 And now I really do wish that I can say this something like this sometime later in my life, to defy all the expectations I have of myself and live my dreams. Yet it seems so unlikely...

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