Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's not what I had planned

I really felt the urge to blog, but now I find myself struggling to express myself lucidly. I fumble for words to describe myself, but nothing ever comes out quite right. Sometimes I feel ashamed to call myself an A-level English Literature student.

70 odd days left to my A-levels, and I honestly do hope to do well, not for my parents but for myself. Would love to have the opportunity to study overseas, preferably in the UK, but finances and family are an issue.

Welcome to my new blog, if anyone is reading this. I hope you stay with me on this journey, if only for a while.

Some goals, for now-
1. Do well enough in the October A-level exams to get into local uni
2. Blog regularly
3. Catch up on all my reading after the A-levels

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