Monday, June 2, 2014

While working the weeks seem to blur. No one is counting them unlike how we often counted semesters at school. The weekend provides a respite to work and the workweek provides a respite to boredom and anxiety from staying at home. I am only glad for one to start because it means the end of the other.

18th May, Wednesday: Possibly one of my most unfortunate starts to a day, ever. The factors played into this unfortunate series of events can only be described as incomprehensible. The good that came out of it was that my dad managed to get from his bed to his seat on the plane within three-quarters of an hour, and a very kind and comforting stranger lent me his umbrella that rainy morning.
26th May, Monday: Someone I knew struck the lottery using my phone number. (of course this is pure luck, but I still feel rather glad about it)
27th May, Tuesday: Ate dinner with a group of friends from college.
29th May, Thursday:
30th May, Friday:
31st May, Saturday: Met up with Sh and M for a day out, pretty glad I got to see Sh after a pretty long time.

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