Saturday, September 21, 2013


I can't help but fear that my surprisingly good results are a curse. Everywhere I look, I seem to find things I will not get to do now that I have enrolled locally and not in the UK. I will not get to watch Sherlock Season 3 in UK, I will not be able to use the cowl I've knitted, take short breaks to other cities, visit museums, visit places of historical literary interest, feed ducks by the river, meet hedgehogs, attend lectures for other courses such as English and Philosophy, feel like a stranger, disappear in the crowd and grow as a person..... Among other things.

And I'm afraid that this fear will haunt me throughout the next four years of local education as I constantly wonder it would be like to be somewhere else. Is it possible to be so absorbed in being somewhere else that I lose my presence here?

I need to start to be myself
'Cause I'm sick of everybody else

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