Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feels like the holidays

Going off to Thailand soon, I'm really looking forward to it seeing as I haven't been out of the country for close to two years now. Must remember to blog about it when I come back.

Some things that I've been doing during the post A-levels bliss:
-Fretting over uni applications. I'm pretty much done with my UCAS application but still have to settle the US application, but frankly my heart isn't really in it and I'd much rather study in the UK.
-Watching House. Fantastic show, I cope with the gory parts through a mixture of looking away, pulling my hair out and pinching my nose. By the way I gave up on Orthros no Inu after the first episode.
-Playing Dance Central on Kinect. Exercise!!!
-I actually had a go at yoga thanks to my mother's persuasion... Needless to say, it was a mortifying experience that I'm not too keen to repeat.

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